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Live At The Death Factory

Jun 28, 2021

This week: two psychodramas about the world of sex work, each demented in distinct directions. Astrid discusses the subtext of Crimes of Passion while Sean is somehow still talking about irish television. Then we discover that Guilty Of Romance has much better politics than you'd expect from something one could...

Jun 21, 2021

This week we cover three deeply grisly short films from Japan, listed below, that fall roughly into the Ero Guro category. What kind of transgressiveness links these films? What is a satisfying definition of Ero Guro in the first place, aside from the basic "Erotic Grotesque Nonsense"? Have you ever owned art you...

Jun 14, 2021

This week we discuss Kamikaze Hearts. Juliet Bashore’s fauxumentary essays the eventual disintegration of a romance between two porn performers, Tigr and  Sharon Mitchell, on the set of a porn version of Carmen, filmed as their real life relationship was taking a similar trajectory. What counts as reality in a porn...

Jun 8, 2021

This week we cover James B. Harris' Cop (1988), an adaptation of James Ellroy's Blood On The Moon. We talk about how they managed wring such an incredible film out of such terrible source material and the ways in which the film functions as an essay on what Ellroy would become.